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Letter From Indicators Progress Commission

Vision Statement: Albuquerque is an active, thriving, culturally rich, sustainable, high desert community.

December 5, 2012

Dear Albuquerque Citizen:

The Vision Statement for our city, adopted by the Mayor and City Council in 2010, states:

Albuquerque is an active, thriving, culturally rich, sustainable, high desert community.

The Albuquerque Progress Report shows Albuquerque’s progress toward reaching a set of long-term goals, established by its residents.

Since 1995, our residents have convened every four years to determine and define Albuquerque’s goals. The goals are categorized into eight areas, and each goal is further clarified through positive statements called desired conditions.

As you know, having goals is important in life. Yet, how do we know if we’re reaching our goals? To answer this question, your Mayor and City Councilors have jointly appointed a citizen group called the Indicators Progress Commission (IPC). Our job is to measure how well Albuquerque is progressing toward its goals, by designing and monitoring indicators that tell us how close we are to achieving each desired condition.


The APR measures community-wide progress. While the City of Albuquerque is a primary stakeholder, there are additional stakeholders involved in achieving our eight strategic goals, including schools, universities, hospitals, businesses, governmental agencies, non-profits and individuals.

Data is an important component of our daily decision making process. In the spirit of transparency and openness, we’ve communicated to you not only those areas where Albuquerque’s trend is desirable, but also where it’s undesirable. If you see areas that need better indicators, or if you have ideas to improve Albuquerque’s progress toward achieving its goals, please contact us at abqprogress@cabq.gov.

Albuquerque Indicators Progress Commission

Phil Ingram

Meghan Martinez

Dawn Reed

Karen Ross

Patricia Selcher

Steve Seligman

Sherrie Trezza

David Morris, Ex Officio

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