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Structure of the Albuquerque Progress Report

Goals, Desired Condition's and Indicators

The body of this report is divided into eight sections, one for each of eight City Goals.

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Example above: Select GOAL 1 - Human & Family Development, then drill down through the content to Desired Condition 1 - Educated, literate residents, then to the Indicator pages, shown here as "1.1 Adult Educational Achievement Rates" and "1.2 Library Circulation and Visitation Rates."


See Creating a Community Report Card to understand the process for how these conclusions were reached by the Indicators Progress Commision.

From the Goal page, go to each Desired Condition for an assessment of that conditions progress.  Each Desired Condition has one or more indicators which measure the progress our community is making toward realizing the City of Albuquerque's Goals.

Indicators were adopted by the following criteria:

  • We favored indicators that directly measured Desired Conditions. Where direct measures were simply not available, we used appropriate surrogate measures.
  • The data had to be available to us. We looked for assurance that it would be updated on a fairly regular basis to facilitate long-term trend analyses. In cases in which historical data were not obtainable, we sought assurance that future updates of current data would occur, so the indicator presented in this report serves to establish a baseline.


Please see the following for further information on how to use the APR

Creating a Community Report Card
• Understand how the IPC formed conclusions about the progress of each Desired Condition
• Using citizen surveys
• Identifying peer communities for comparison to Albuquerque

How the City Uses the APR
• How is the City responsive to the community
• Are City services oriented to desired results?

Letter from Members of the IPC
• Who is the Indicators Progress Commission (IPC)
• How were Goals and Desired Community Conditions developed

Vision, Goals, and Desired Conditions
• See all Goals and Desired Conditions
• What Desired Conditions are included in this report

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