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The Indicators Progress Commission wishes to thank the following organizations and individuals for providing data and reviewing sections of this report. Their generous support and assistance made it possible to complete this report.

Contributing Individuals

  • Jacques Blair
  • Regina Chavez
  • Selim Demusaj
  • Mark DiMenna
  • Steve Falk
  • Dan Gates
  • Michelle Gricius
  • Jessica Kious
  • Carmen Marrone
  • Doug McAda
  • Beth Mohr
  • Robert Nunez
  • T Payton
  • David Robinson
  • Mike Riordan
  • Charlotte Romero
  • Frank Roth
  • Jim Schnaible
  • Ted Shogry
  • Holly Steinberg
  • John Stomp
  • Israel Tavares
  • Esther Tennenbaum
  • Katherine Yuhas

The INDICATORS PROGRESS COMMISSION would like to extend a special thanks to Joannah Zamorah, a UNM student intern, who was a tremendous help in updating most of the data presented in this report.

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