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Goal 3 - Public Infrastructure

Goal 3: Existing communities are adequately and efficiently served with well planned, coordinated, and maintained infrastructure. New development is efficiently integrated into existing infrastructures and the costs are balanced with the revenues.

Why is this goal important?

Public infrastructure includes the basic structures needed to serve the daily needs of society—such as the water system, transportation, and the communication network.  We need a reliable water system to survive and be healthy. After it’s used, there are requirements for disposal and treatment before i wastewater re-enters the natural cycle. Transportation includes buses, airplanes, trains, and bikes. It also includes the design of our street system and the availability of fuel. And citizens quickly discover the importance of an effective communication network, when they have periods during which they can no longer send text messages or access the internet on their cell phones. This goal also looks at city expansion, and how much of a burden new development puts on our infrastructure.


DESIRED CONDITION Local Trend National/ Regional Comparison Citizen Perception Compared to Data CONCLUSION: Opportunity to
18 - Reliable water system - A reliable water system meets health and safety standards. Positive Similar Matches Celebrate
19 - Quality wastewater systems - Wastewater systems meet quality standards. Stable Similar Differs Continue to Improve
20 - Reliable storm water system - A storm water system protects the lives and property of residents. Not Available Worse Differs Improve
21 - Effective internet access - Effective information technology infrastructure is accessible throughout the community. Positive Similar Differs Continue to Improve
22 - Linked integrated transportation - Residents have safe and affordable integrated transportation options that meet the public’s needs. Positive Mixed Differs Continue to Improve
23 - Viable street system - The street system is well designed and maintained. Positive Similar Mixed Continue to Improve
25 - Efficient development - New development is efficiently integrated into existing or approved infrastructure and its costs are balanced with the revenues generated and adopted City development policies. Stable Better Matches Continue to Improve
26 - Sustainable energy - Sustainable, environmentally sensitive supplies of energy are available and are efficiently consumed. Mixed Mixed Differs Continue to Improve
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