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4 - Active, healthy residents

Goal 1 - Desired Condition 4 - Residents are active and healthy.


Traffic Light Scorecard

"Residents are active and healthy"

Our Conclusion:


Based on the Following criteria:

Local Trend is STABLE
Albuquerque, compared to others, is BETTER
Citizen perception compared to data MATCHES

Local Trend LOCAL TREND:

The Albuquerque community's obesity rate has increased slowly since 2003. According to cdc.gov, residents failing to exercise has been flat since 2006 and was at 16% in 2010. The rate of adults with diabetes is near 7%.


Albuquerque's obesity rate is lowest among the peer communities and almost half of the national average of 35.7%. Albuquerque also leads peer communities and the nation at large in exercise rates according to a Gallup poll.

Citizen Perception CITIZEN PERCEPTION:

In 2011, Albuquerque citizens reported that this desired dondition was important, and recognized that progress has been made in this area. Citizens ranked this condition as one in which significant progress has been made compared to other conditions; however the data suggest that progress is not as advanced as citizens believe.


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