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2 - Educated youth

Goal 1 - Desired Condition 2 - Youth achieve desired educational outcomes.



Traffic Light Scorecard

"Youth achieve desired educational outcomes"

Our Conclusion:


Based on the Following criteria:

Local Trend is NEGATIVE
Albuquerque, compared to others, is WORSE
Citizen perception compared to data MATCHES

Local Trend LOCAL TREND:

Albuquerque's high school on-time graduation rate improved slightly from 2008 to 2009, but has decreased each year since. However, Albuquerque students' standards based assessment test scores are mixed. Reading and science have decreased in the past two school years; math is started to show an increase but stabilized in the last year.


The State of New Mexico's public school students lag behind other Southwest states in standards based test scores and also in four year graduation cohort rates. National graduation rates, last available in 2009, showed a rate of 76.5% versus an Albuquerque graduation rate of 65.1% in the same year.

Citizen Perception CITIZEN PERCEPTION:

In 2011, Albuquerque citizens rated this desired condition as 8th in importance, among 57 surveyed conditions. However, citizens reported that this condition had the largest gap between its importance and how much progress had been made, ranking progress 56th.


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