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Goal 8 - Governmental Excellence & Effectiveness

Goal 8: Government is ethical, transparent, and responsive to its citizens. Every element of government contributes effectively to meeting public needs.

Why is this goal important?

Excellent government and ethical behavior is like great theater—you know it when you see it, but it’s nearly impossible to define.  Citizens want their government to be “cost effective”, and their leaders to be “accountable”, but these are subjective criteria.  Cost-effective government can be identified when:

  1. The same or better results are achieved using fewer dollars;
  2. Results are improved using the same dollars; or
  3. Additional spending provides more value than the increase in cost.

Yet “better”, “improved”, and “more value” are subjective desired conditions; and elections, which are the ultimate measure of accountability, don’t reveal the indicators that influence each voter to cast his or her ballot one way or the other.

The Indicators Progress Commission has measured several desired conditions using objective indicators, and that data is available online in the full APR. However, in this snapshot, we leave it up to the reader to consider the following budgetary data, in order to determine whether City Government is a “cost effective” steward of his or her tax dollars.

Rollover and click the interactive graphs to make comparisons

Source for information in above charts: City of Albuquerque

DESIRED CONDITION Local Trend National/ Regional Comparison Citizen Perception Compared to Data CONCLUSION:
54 - Protected civil rights - Government protects the civil and constitutional rights of citizens. Mixed Mixed Matches Picture is improving
55 - Access to city services -  Customers can participate in their government by accessing information about services, policies, community conditions, regulations, etc…. Positive Similar Matches Picture is in focus
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