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Goal 6 - Economic Vitality

Goal 6: Achieve a vital, diverse, and sustainable economy in which businesses and residents have opportunities for success.


Why is this goal important?

The prosperity of a community is tied directly to the success of its economy.   A strong economy translates into jobs and opportunities for individuals, fosters the creation of wealth and philanthropy, and creates a stable tax base to pay for needed public infrastructure and services.   It is important to have an economy that is broad based, without too much reliance on one firm or one industry.  This helps alleviate the risks associated with over-dependence on one or two economic sectors.

DESIRED CONDITION Local Trend National/ Regional Comparison Citizen Perception CONCLUSION:
39 - Diverse economy - The economy is diverse and broad based. Stable Similar Differs Improve
40 - Vital, sustainable economy - The economy is vital, prosperous, and consistent with local and regional resources. Postive Better Matches Celebrate
41 - Career opportunities - There are abundant, competitive, career-oriented employment opportunities. Mixed Mixed Differs Continue to Improve
42 - Businesses develop & prosper - Businesses develop and prosper. Positive Similar Matches Continue to Improve
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