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Open Space Rules and Etiquette

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Fire Restrictions

Prevent Wildland Fires in Open Space. Fire safety is everyone's business.

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Dogs and Open Space

Learn proper etiquette for taking your pet into a Major Public Open Space area.

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Open Space Lands Recreation

High and Low Impact Recreation

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Open Space Etiquette

These rules and regulations have been adopted to protect our valuable resources and enhance your outdoor recreational experience. If these rules are followed the use and enjoyment of Open Space will be fun for everybody.

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Rules for Balloonists

Hot Air Balloon Landing on Major Public Open Space Lands

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Rules for Geocaching

The City of Albuquerque Open Space Division encourages low-impact, responsible recreation throughout its extensive trail system. Geocaching is a fun and challenging component of outdoor recreation. When placing or searching for geocaches in Open Space please observe all rules and regulations and geocaching guidelines to ensure the preservation of Open Space lands.

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Firearms and Hunting

The use of firearms and hunting is PROHIBITED on all Open Space properties.

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