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Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Self-Identification Form
Temporary Employee Agreement Form
Employee Emergency Contact Data Form
Pre-Employment Medical/Substance Abuse Consent Form (Under Age 18)
Seasonal Employee Agreement Form
W-4 Form
A .pdf of the W-4 form.
Blue Collar Local 624 AFSCME Bargaining Unit Contract
Medical & Occupational History Form (Under Age 18)
Personal Information Update Form
Albuquerque Officers Association Local 1888 Bargaining Unit Contract
Bargaining unit contract for Local 1888, effective July 3, 2010, through June 30, 2012.
M-Series Local 3022 AFSCME Bargaining Unit Contract
NM Transportation Union Bargaining Unit Contract
ABQ Clerical and Technical Employee Bargaining Unit Contract
IRS Form W-4
Transit Union Contract
Selective Service Information
Flexible Spending Accounts
Deferred Comp
City of Albuquerque Employee Group Benefits Booklet
A .pdf file of the City of Albuquerque Employee Group Benefits Booklet.
Insurance Form
Biweekly Rates
A .pdf with information about biweekly rates.
Patient Demographic Form
Patient History Form
Memorandum of Understanding - Corrections to M-Series Contract
A scanned pdf file outlining details about the City of Albuquerque's Memorandum of Understanding to correct a previous M-series contract with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Local 3022.
LYC Signup
Public Service University Learning Systems Model Business Plan
A .pdf file of Public Service University Learning Systems model business plan.
City Employees Medical Benefits
as of 9/26/2011
City Employees Medical Benefits
as of 9/26/2011
US DOJ Short Reporting Form
City of Albuquerque Background Waiver Form
A .doc file of the City of Albuquerque Background waiver form.
Pre-Management Development Program Application Checklist
A .pdf file of the Pre-Management Development Program Application Checklist.
A .pdf about AD&D.
Generic TSA
City Personnel Rules & Regs Section 203
City Personnel Rules & Regs Section 204
NUVITA 2013 Team Form
BetterHealth Strategic Plan 2012-2017
2013 Retirement Seminar Calendar
Affordable Food Poster CoA
Bake Sale Form
Holiday Potluck
Fruit & Veggie Flyer
4th of July
Breakfast Potluck
Build your Own
Health at Work Guidelines
Greek Potluck
Healthy Bites
Nut Butter
Portion Size
Taco Day
Summer Picnic
Kid Friendly
Portion Size
BetterHealth Presentation
2013-2014 Benefits Booklet
2013-2014 Benefit Rates
Presbyterian powerpoing OEFY13
Delta Dental powerpoint presentation
BetterHealth 6 month progress report
Pres OE FY13 FAQ
updated Retirement Seminar Calendar
FY 14 Rates
VSP Powerpoint
1/4/2013 Tuition Assistance & Educational Leave Guidelines
M-Series AFSCME Local 3022
M Series AFSCME Local 3022
2013 - 2014
M Series AFSCME Local 3022 2013 - 2014
M-Serries AFSCME Local 3022 2013-2014
vsp out of network reimbursement
voluntary life beneficiary form
Basic life beneficiary form
HIPPA release form
Unique Services reimbersement form
Disabled Dependent Questionaire
Delta age 26 continued coverage
DP Termination Affidavit
Domestic Partner Affidavit
Personnal Info update form
Deferred Comp Chg form
DP eligibility
Presbyterian Power Point
vsp presentation
Presbyterian Active plan SBC
HIPAA Privacy Notice
MHC Locations Sept Oct & Nov
MHC Calendar October
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