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Photo of the Week: Petite Pachyderm

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Guests can now visit the newest elephant at the BioPark.

Rozie and her new calf

October 10, 2013

Born on Oct. 2, 2013, the female elephant calf at the Zoo is now venturing into the main yard with mother Rozie, sister Daizy and grandmother Alice. Zookeepers will be working on adding ‘Auntie’ Irene, an unrelated female, to the mix over the next few weeks. Father Samson and the other BioPark bull, Albert, will only interact with the calf between fences.

Zookeepers haven’t gotten her on a scale yet, but they’re estimating the calf weight at around 275 pounds by comparing her with sister Daizy. At birth, Daizy weighed 318 pounds and couldn’t quite fit underneath Rozie. The smaller calf spends much of her day walking underneath mother and grandmother. She also seems to enjoy playing with Daizy, who has been showing her around the yard and teaching her about using her trunk and climbing over logs.

Visit www.abqbiopark.com/elephants to find out the calf’s daily schedule and help us choose a name for her on Facebook.

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