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Photo of the Week: Forest Giants

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At six inches long, this leggy animal is the biggest of its kind.

Malaysian katydid

Posted September 26, 2013. Photo courtesy of Augie Samaniego/ABQ BioPark.

The giant Malaysian katydid (Macrolyristes corporalis) is reputedly the largest katydid species in the world, growing up to six inches long. It dwells in Malaysia’s tropical forests, hiding in trees during the day with its leaf-like body and branch-like limbs. At night, males rub the edges of the wings together to create an incredibly loud, shrill call (listen) to attract females.

The giant katydid is just one of the many unusual animals living in the Botanic Garden’s Arthropod Rearing Laboratory. Dozens of our creepy crawlies will emerge for a special Creeping, Crawling and Carnivorous Show from Oct. 4 – Nov. 3. See giant walking sticks, naked mole rats, nocturnal cockroaches, scorpions and more. This year’s show features a preview of the future BUGarium scheduled to open at the Botanic Garden in 2014.

What kind of creepy, crawly things live near your home? Join the conversation and share pictures on Facebook.

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