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Albuquerque was founded in 1706. People lived along the Rio Grande, so there were also plazas such as Los Duranes, Atrisco, Los Griegos, and others. These communities still exist within the Albuquerque area. Life was rural and agricultural, centered around family, church, land, and home. Old Albuquerque was annexed by the city in 1949, and soon became a tourist mecca. But if you walk a bit, you'll see homes, antique buildings, and sense an older way of life.

The Photoarchive is open by appointment only. Select images from the photoarchive are available for purchase at the Albuquerque City Store.

If you have old photographs of Albuquerque and wish to donate them to the Photoarchive, please contact Deb Slaney, History Curator at (505) 243-7255

Romero Street, C. 1890
Gift of Denis Cummings

Guardhouse, Center of Plaza, C. 1880
Cobb Studio Collection
Museum Purchase, 1989 General Obligation Bonds

Santiago Street (Romero), C. 1880
Ward Hicks Collection
Gift of John Airy

Bernalillo County Jail, C. 1910
Rio Grande Boulevard and Central
Gift of Phyliss Kirk

Centennial Hotel, C. 1890
Rio Grande Boulevard
Gift of Roy Farmer

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