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Terminal Art Collection

"Running Horses"
Gray Mercer

"Guadalupe Sunrise"
Gary Niblett

"La Cueva Sunset East"
Wilson Hurley

Tim Prythero

L. Armando Ortega

"La Huida a Egipto"
Charlie Carrillo

"Guardian of the Fourth World"
Clifford Fragua

"Why the Coyote Bays at the Moon"
Pablita Velarde

Sunport Boulevard

Gray Mercer, "Running Horses," cor-ten steel sculpture, 11x35x6'

Joe Keith, Quality Fountain for Desert Bloom (Bennie Duran) Pot, 7'x10'

Holly Sanchez, Fountain for Desert Bloom (Bennie Duran) Black/Gray Pot, 6'x3'

Kim Young, Fountain for Desert Bloom (Bennie Duran) Animal Pot, 6'x3'

Ben and Geraldine Toya, Quality Fountain for Desert Bloom (Bennie Duran) Jemez Pueblo Pot, 6'x3'

Rogelio Madero, "La Serpentina," Madero Sculpture & Design, 800'x2'

Sunport Boulevard - Departure/Ticketing Level

Glenna Goodacre, "The Basket Dance," bronze sculpture #5/12, 6x3' wide


Concourse Level - Above Escalators

Nancy Kozikowski, "Runways," hand-dyed wool tapestry, 6x20'



Gus Foster, "Central Avenue at Carlisle, Albuquerque," color photograph, ektacolor print, 13x92"

Pop Chalee, "Buffalo Dancer," casein on canvas, 85x61"

Francis Rivera, "Spring Fever," oil on canvas, 50x50"

Bob Lee, "Night on Elk Mountain," oil on canvas, 38x52" (on loan to Los Lunas Heritage Museum and Art)

Snidow, Gordon, "What the Hell Are We Waiting for Now, Christmas?", gouache on board, 20"x38"

Senaida & Emilio Romero, "Holy Family," Embroidered colcha on textile w/tin frame, 21x21"

Marie Romero Cash, "Cristo & Mourning Figures," carved & painted niche, mixed media, 20x16x6"

Irene Martinez Yates, "Bere de Santa Cruz," carved & painted wood, 21x17x 3"

J Waid Griffin, "Waiting for Rain"-oil on canvas, 5'hx7'w

Michael McCormick Gallery (on loan):

Tom Suriya, "Taos Mountain Summer," 20"x60"

Kevin McDermott, "Casa Grande Ollas," 32.5"x42.5"

Kevin McDermott, "Zia," 24" x 32"

Malcolm Furlow, "Wolf at the Spring" #11/90, 20"x20"

Malcolm Furlow, "Jack" #15/90, 30"x30"

Pat Woodall, "Return to the Pueblo," 15.5"x17.5"

Pat Woodall, "The Congregation," 17"x23"

Shelbee Mares, "Taos Garden, 18"x 24"

Shelbee Mares, "Botanica IV," 18"x24"

Shelbee Mares, "Reflective Awakening," 36"x48"

Bill Baker, "Waiting on Noragachic," 17"x23"


West Wing

Larry Calcagno, "Earth Legend Series," acrylic on canvas, 49x39"

John Lawler (on loan): John Nieto, "Anniversary Ascension," framed acrylic painting on canvas, 63"x52"

Aaron Karp, "Caldron," acrylic on canvas, 60x80"


Sandia Vista Room

Luis Tapia, "Our Lady of Guadalupe," santo, painted wood carving 20"x6"x5"

Stella Teller, "Storyteller"-native clay, polychrome paint, turquoise and heishe, 11"x10"x13"

Robert Tenorio, "Sikyatki Shaped Bow"-hand-coiled clay with earth pigments, 8"x15"

Dorothy Torivio, "Seed Jar"-pottery with traditional black paint/graduated design, 11"x11"

Maxine Toya, "Hopi Woman"-ceramic with earth pigments, 12"x9"x6"

Dora Tse Pe, "Untitled"-black ceramic & turquoise with Avanyu design, 7"x9"

Robert Montoya, "Images in the Pueblo Night"-casein on ragboard, 16"x20"

Tina R. John, "Untitled"-Two Grey Hills tapestry, traditional Navajo design, 26"x40"

Pablita Velarde, "Why the Coyote Bays at the Moon"-earth pigment painting on masonite, 24"x14"

Marcellus and Elizabeth Medina, "Jar with Dancers"-ceramic with polychrome paint, 10"x11"

Charmae Natseway, "Seed Pot"-traditional ceramic with Mimbres design, 7"x8"


Between A & B Concourses

Lincoln Fox, "Dream of Flight," bronze sculpture, 17x14'


Gate A-2 Floor Case

Clifford Fragua, "Guardian of the Fourth World," marble/alabaster, 54x26x18"


Gate B-6

Martha Slaymaker, "La Facade II," bisque porcelain, mixed media & wood on plywood base, 46x27x2"

L. Armando Ortega, "Lucinda," Chimayo weaving, contemporary design, 32x48"

Fritz Scholder, "The Magician," color lithograph, #53/60, 39x26"


D Gates

Ron Adams, "Profile in Blue," color lithograph, #16/50, 47x35"


Associate Director's Reception Area

Morris Rippel, "Corrales Mystique," watercolor on board, 26x38"

Hahn, Betty, "Botanical Layout: Peony", photographic color lithograph, #40/40, 24"x20"


Planning and Development

Dayton F. Molzen (on loan) 16"x24" Framed Color Photographs:

"Day's Done"

"Rest Stop"

"Desert Thunder"

"Tack Room"


"River Crossing"


Ticketing Level - Outside Press Room and Meeting Room

Gary Niblett, "Guadalupe Sunrise," oil on canvas, 39x49"

Tim Prythero, "American," mixed media sculpture, 13x28x8"

Hilda Appel Volkin, "All That Surrounds the Earth Surrounds Me," silkscreen acrylic sculpture, 10x29x7"

RC Gorman, "Storage Jar," color lithograph, #37/225, 26x36"

Sam Scott, "Sun Song," oil on canvas, 44x34"


Director's Area

Pop Chalee, "Brown Deer," casein on canvas, 35x45"

Pop Chalee, "Blue Deer," casein on canvas, 35x45"


Great Hall

John Boomer, "Serenity & Hope," wood & marble sculpture with music string, 35" x 12" x 7"

Liz Anderson, "Untitled," ceramic vessel raku fired, 17"x15"x11"

Louise Laval, "Andean Spirit," doll: fabric, clay, fetishes, silver, tin, ribbon, yarn, 29"x9"x4"

Elizabeth C. Naranjo, "Lamp Vase," traditional black ceramic with Avanyu design, 17"x12" diameter

Pop Chalee, "Buffalo Mural," casein on canvas, 49"x202"

Pop Chalee, "Horse Mural," casein on canvas, 48"x202"

Wilson Hurley, "La Cueva Sunset, West," oil on canvas, 63"x135"

Wilson Hurley, "La Cueva Sunset, East," oil on canvas, 63"x135"

Eddie Dominguez, "Untitled," terracotta fish platter with glaze, 12"x18"x3"

Charlie Carrillo, "La Huida a Egipto," traditional New Mexican retablo, paint on wood, 24"x18"

Paula Rodriguez, "Popular Santos in New Mexico," black wooden cross with straw inlay, 18"x10"

Angie Reano Owen, "Untitled," traditional bracelet with turquoise, lapis, mother of pearl, jet and abalone on green snail shell, 4"x4"x2"

Stewart Quandelacy, "Medicine Bear," fetish/alabaster with turquoise & silverado jet, 9"x9"x2"

Rosemarie Lopez Stuyck, "Queen of Rosary, Lady of Guadalupe, Lady of Sorrows," retablo, paint on wood, 20"x31"

Horacio Valdez, "San Rafael," santo, painted wood carving, 20"x8"x6"

Tranquilino Roybal, "St Francis," santo, painted wood carving, 25"x10"x7" 

Artis Lane, "Emerging Madonna I," ceramic/bronze, 25"x14"x10"

William Moyers, "The Norther," bronze, 19"x19"x19"

John Nieto, "Buffalo Dancer," acrylic on canvas, 6'x5'

Bill Baker, "Tararhumara of the Sierra Madre", pastel on board 48"x68"

Grayson, Ilena, "Untitled" earthenware with metalic leaf, 15"x13"

Gachupin, Laura, "Owl Bowl", traditional ceramic with polychrome paint, 6"x8"


Old Terminal Building

Pop Chalee, "Navajo Yeibichai," casein on canvas, 36x26"

Pop Chalee, "Apache Crown Dancer," casein on canvas, 36x26"

Pop Chalee, "Taos Horsetail Dancer," casein on canvas, 62x70"

Pop Chalee, "Matachine," casein on canvas, 36x26"

Pop Chalee, "Zuni Masked Dancer," casein on canvas, 36x26"

Stuart Walker, "Untitled," oil on canvas, 30x40"

Jack O'Connor, "Eagle Dancer," metal/colored epoxy sculpture, 5'h x 8'w

The Albuquerque Museum (on loan):

Navajo Tribe, Wood Navajo Weaving, 63"x42.5"

Navajo Tribe, Wood Yei Type Weaving, 70"x39"

Navajo Tribe, Wood Navajo Weaving, 82.5" x 42"

Navajo Tribe, Two 1939 Grey Hills Weavings, 71"x43"

Willis Brooks, "Carnuel," 1934 framed oil painting on canvas, 54.625"x66.5"

Patrocinio Barela, "Santo Nino De Atocha," 1901 cottonwood, 22"x8"

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