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Rental Car Facility Art

Information about art at the Rental Car Facility.

"Apache Crown Dancer I" by Allan Houser Haozous

"Apache Crown Dancer I"
Allan Houser Haozous

"Global Positioner" by Evelyn Rosenberg

"Global Positioner" Evelyn Rosenberg

The Sunport's Rental Car Center opened in March 2001 to rave reviews of it's operations, design and art collection.

Fifteen works of art were selected or commissioned by the City of Albuquerque to enhance the facility and showcase the talents of New Mexico artists.

A complete list of works at the Center with art details follows the images below.

Rental Car Facility – Inside

  • Evelyn Rosenberg, "Global Positioner" - hanging metal sculpture
  • Paula Castillo, "Tea Gate V" - recycled metal gate
  • Gilberto Guzman, "Chile Harvest" - monotype oil based
  • Douglas Kent Hall, "Bell Ranch Spur" - silverprint photograph
  • Orlando Leyba, "Untitled #1" - mixed media on paper
  • Patrick Nagatani, "BMW, Chaco Canyon…" - photograph
  • Mary Antonia Wood, "Construction With Chacmool" - mixed media
  • Harry Fonseca, “Last Tango in Santa Fe V”, acrylic on paper
  • Sylvia Martinez Johnson, “Spanish Market”, acrylic on canvas
  • Ed Larson, “Cowboy Dream”, painted wood assemblage
  • David Alvarez, "Zebra", painted wood carving, 14x6x19"
  • Ben Ortega, "San Pascual", santo - carved wood, 22x8x8"
  • Mike Rodriguez, "Calico Cat", painted wood carving, 19x6x21"

Rental Car Facility – Outside

  • Allan Houser, "Apache Crown Dancer I" - fabricated bronze
  • Cynthia Rowland, "Lions Share" - two bronze sculptures
  • Tammy Garcia, “Rains for the Harvest”, bronze
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