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Electric Vehicle

The Sunport Landside Operations Division (Parking) has, since 2008, utilized a Miles electric car to assist staff with their everyday vehicle needs.

On a full charge, it can be driven up to an 8 hour time frame (lower if A/C, etc. are being used). It has a max speed of about 25 mph and is rated legal for street use. Previously, it was charged by plugging into a standard 120v outlet. However, construction of 2 10 kW ground-mounted sun tracking Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) system, located just outside of the Landside Operations Administrative building, was completed in January of 2011. This system now provides power to a solar charging station. The electric car plugs into this station to draw its power for recharging, therefore, making it a true zero emissions vehicle. Power from the CPV system would also provide electricity to the Landside Operations building.

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