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Airfield LED Lighting and Fluorescent Lamp Replacement

As of August 26, 2008 Airfield Electricians and Electricians helpers have started to change the ballast and fluorescent lamps out in the Airfield Maintenance break area and offices.

They have completed replacing seventeen fixtures with low energy electronic ballast and T8 lamps in the break room, hallway and Airfield Managers office. Other steps taken to lower the amount of energy getting used is the replacement of Exit signs with low energy consuming LED fixtures and motion detecting timer light switches in the break room, men’s restroom and Airfield Managers office to assist in verifying that lights are being turned off when not in use

They will be continuing to make these changes in the Airfield Supervisors office, women’s restroom, supply closets and through out the entire shop including the mechanic area to assist the City of Albuquerque’s Green Initiative Program.

Replacement of Airfield lighting commenced in November of 2008. Existing taxiway lighting will continue to be replaced with LEDs. Scheduled completion is earmarked for September of 2011.

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