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Noise Abatement Program

Located adjacent to longtime residential areas, the Albuquerque International Sunport maintains a strong program to mitigate noise from its many commercial, private, cargo and military users.


Noise Hotline

Noise Monitoring Sites

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The program continues to move forward with the complete installation and acceptance of the Noise Monitoring system. The Noise Program Manager oversees the data collecting and monitors compliance with the voluntary noise abatement procedures established at the Sunport.

BAE Systems of Austin, Texas, is the vendor for the system, which includes nine permanent monitoring stations and one mobile station. Of the nine sites, five are located on APS elementary and middle school properties and three sites are located on county property in the South Valley. The remaining sites are located on City property.

Perhaps the most sensitive issue involving noise issues at the Sunport is the use of Runway 17-35, commonly called the North-South runway. It is now used during dangerous crosswind conditions on the other two long runways, which run east-west and northeast-southeast. Some have advocated the permanent closure of the runway, but many pilots and other aviation interests want it kept open for various reasons. Closing the runway is one of the topics under study in the current update to the Sunport's Master Plan.

Noise-abatement has been part of the operations program at the Sunport for quite some time. For example, nighttime flights departing from runway 8 are instructed to turn away from city residential areas after 9pm. Another noise-abatement provision prohibits engine "run-ups" for maintenance except in remote areas of the Sunport.

Because the Sunport shares runways with Kirtland Air Force Base, there is a cooperative effort between the Air Force and the Sunport to keep noise levels manageable.

Members of the Sunport staff work with representatives from airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration, and other stakeholders in addressing concerns of aircraft noise.

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